Get started with AIssistify for HubSpot

The article explains how to register, connect and update your HubSpot account with AIssistify. It also lists the three places where you can use AIssistify features inside HubSpot: workflows, chatflows and CRM records.

AIssistify for HubSpot brings important automated AI-powered features to HubSpot Workflows, Chatflows and CRM Records (Contacts, Companies, Deals, Tickets and Custom Objects). 

Step 1: Register at

Step 2: Connect your HubSpot Account (Portal) at

After successfully connecting HubSpot Portal you may need to update your Company Name and Company Description. It is used in Email-writing actions to provide AI with the context of what your company does. Please be specific with your description, provide facts and important information on the value you product/service brings to your customers.

Now you can use AIssistify in three places inside HubSpot: 

1) Workflows (Actions: Send to AI Assistant, Translate with DeepL, Company Description, Draft Sales Email)

2) Chatflows (custom action via Webhook - requires HubSpot Operations Hub Professional or Enterprise)

3) Contact, Company, Deal and Ticket records - CRM Card with actions: Generate email reply, AI Assistant, AI Chat