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How AIssistify processes data

Data Processing Workflow

Receiving Prompts from HubSpot Workflows: AIssistify accepts prompts from HubSpot workflows. These prompts can include any CRM properties that the customer chooses to embed. If no CRM properties (personalization tokens) were embed into the prompt, we don't receive any extra information from Hubspot, only prompt text and enrolled object type (contact, ticket, deal, custom object) and object ID.
Interaction with LLM Providers: Once the prompt is received, AIssistify forwards it to the selected Large Language Model (LLM) provider, which could be OpenAI, Anthropic, or Cohere, depending on the user's preference set in the Workflow Action settings.
Receiving and Relaying Responses: The LLM processes the prompt and generates a response, which AIssistify then sends back to HubSpot, ensuring a seamless flow of information and interaction within the CRM system.

Data Security and Management

Encryption in Transit: All data transmitted between HubSpot, AIssistify, and the LLM providers is encrypted using SSL/TLS, ensuring secure communication channels and safeguarding sensitive information.
Data Storage and Processing: AIssistify is designed as a lightweight application, focusing on real-time processing and data transmission. The tool stores prompts and associated responses for logging and auditing purposes, with a standard retention period of 30 days. However, for Enterprise plan customers, there are options to adjust this logging window to as short as 24 hours or extend it up to one year, based on their specific requirements.
Data Storage Location: The backend processing and log storage of AIssistify are hosted on a U.S.-based cloud infrastructure, ensuring reliable and efficient data management.

Data Use and Privacy

Role as a Processor: As a Processor, AIssistify handles various CRM properties embedded in prompts by customers. The primary activities include collecting, processing, and transmitting these prompts to LLM providers and then relaying the generated responses back to HubSpot. The tool is primarily used for real-time processing and interaction enhancement within the CRM environment.
Log Retention: AIssistify retains logs of transactions and interactions for monitoring, troubleshooting, and audit trail purposes, with a standard retention period of 30 days, adjustable for Enterprise customers.

Compliance and Audits

Our processing infrastructure provider has undergone a comprehensive SOC 2 Type II audit, conducted by a reputable AICPA independent auditor. This ensures that the underlying infrastructure adheres to high standards of security, reliability, and compliance.