LinkedIn Ad from a URL

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to get started, explore the features, and provide helpful tips


The LinkedIn Ad from a URL is a free tool that simplifies the ad creation process using the URL of the website you want to advertise.

Getting Started

To access the tool, you'll need to create an account:

1. Enter your information and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the registration process.

2. Log in to your new account using your credentials.

After logging in, follow these steps to create a LinkedIn ad: 

  1. Paste the URL of the website you want to advertise into the provided input field.

  2. Click Start to create the ad copy.linkedin-ads-main-1

  3. Review the generated ad copies.

Tips for Effective LinkedIn Ads

  • Review the generated ad copy to ensure it accurately represents your website and its content;
  • Use clear, concise messaging to convey your main value proposition;
  • A/B test multiple ad variations to determine the most effective messaging and visuals;
  • Monitor your ads performance metrics and make adjustments as needed to improve results.