PAS Framework

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to get started, explore the features, and provide helpful tips


The took is designed to help you create a compelling narrative for your product or service based on the Problem-Agitate-Solution formula.

By inputting your product/service name and a detailed description, the tool generates content that first identifies a problem, then agitates the reader by emphasizing the pain points, and finally offers your product or service as a solution.

Getting Started

To access the tool, sign up for a subscription plan*. After completing the registration process, log in using your credentials.

* here is more about Pro and Free versions. 

Follow these steps to use the tool effectively:

  1. Select the desired AI model (Basic GPT-3.5 or Premium GPT-4) from the dropdown menu.


    Suitable for basic tasks and quicker results, GPT-3.5 consumes fewer tokens and offers faster processing. 

    For more advanced tasks and higher-quality output, select GPT-4 which provides the best results but requires 5x the tokens and has a slower processing speed.

  2. Product/Service Name: type in the name of your product or service.

  3. Product/Service Description: provide as many details as possible about your product or service, including its features, benefits, and what differentiates it from the competition.

  4. Click Generate to create a PAS framework narrative for your product or service.pas-framework-main

  5. Review the generated text.pas-framework-result
    Once satisfied with the result, click "Copy to Clipboard" or "Save to a Document" to store your rewritten content.

Useful Tips for Using the PAS Framework Tool

  1. Detailed description: the more detailed the description of your product/service, the more specific and targeted the generated PAS framework narrative will be.

  2. Use rlevant examples: when describing your product/service, use examples or scenarios that your target audience can relate to.

  3. Keep your audience in mind: always write with your target audience in mind. Their problems and pain points should be the focus of the PAS framework.