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Send to AI HubSpot Workflow Action

Send to AI HubSpot Workflow Action allows users to send custom prompts to be processed by a range of AI models, integrating data from CRM records and enabling bulk processing through workflows.

Purpose: The "Send to AI" action is designed to leverage AI capabilities to process custom prompts, utilizing data from HubSpot's CRM.
Supported AI Models: Includes OpenAI GPT-3.5, GPT-4, Cohere Command, Cohere Command with web browsing, and Anthropic Claude 2.

Requirements: Users need to have AIssistify account (app.aissistify.com) and their HubSpot portal connected.

Setting Up the "Send to AI" Action

Open or create Workflow in HubSpot, setup trigger and add an action, list of actions is on the left sidebar, find AIssistify app and Send to AI Action.

Clipboard Nov 23, 2023 at 2.59 PM

Clipboard Nov 23, 2023 at 2.53 PM

Choose AI Model:

    • Click on the dropdown menu labeled "Choose AI model" and select the AI model that best suits your task. Options include "OpenAI Basic (GPT-3.5)" for general requests, "OpenAI GPT-4 Turbo" for more complex and creative tasks, "CoHere Command," "CoHere WebBrowsing" for responses based on web data, "Google Gemini Pro" or one of the Anthropic models.

Please note, that OpenAI GPT-4, GPT-4 Turbo and Anthropic Claude 3 Opus consume 5x tokens. So if your action took 100 tokens, 500 tokens would be charged from your balance.


Set AI Creativity Level:

    • Next, decide how much creativity you want the AI to apply in its responses. The dropdown menu labeled "Set AI Creativity Level" allows you to choose between "Conservative," "Balanced (default)," "Creative," and "Inventive." Each level dictates the balance between accuracy and creative interpretation.
    • Technical details: AI creativity setting controls what is called Temperature of AI model. For most of the use cases in CRM automation please stick to the default setting or a Conservative one when you need precise answer. For creative tasks like generating sales email drafts or any other marketing/sales content you can try higher creativity levels.


Prompt for AI

    • In the "Prompt for AI" field, type your custom prompt that the AI will process. Utilize the personalization tokens to include dynamic content from your CRM, such as the company name or contact details.


Property to Include with Prompt

If you want to include additional CRM properties or a result of one of the previous workflow actions with your prompt, select the relevant property from the "Property to include with prompt" dropdown menu. This is mostly useful when creating chain of Workflow Actions.

For example you can use Cohere with webbrowsing model to search for last year revenue for a provided company name. And as a next action use GPT-3.5 to extract number from the response to save just the number in the Company (or other object property). 

Save Result to Timeline?

Choose whether to save the AI-generated result as a Timeline Event by selecting "Yes (default)" or "No" from the "Save result to Timeline?" dropdown menu. Select "Yes" if you want the results to be recorded as an event for further tracking and visibility.


Click the "Save" button to apply the changes. Your "Send to AI" action is now customized and ready to be used within the workflow.


How to save AI response to a property?

After AI has generated a response to your prompt, you may want to save it to a property. To do that use standard HubSpot Workflow Action "Copy property value". 

Save to a property

In the field Property or value to copy from, choose Action outputs -> AI Response

And on the next step, choose Property where you want to save AI response. 

In the following example you can see that AI Response was saved to a custom property "Language".

Save to a custom property

Alternatively you can save result as a Note to the object timeline using 0CodeTools app from HubSpot Marketplace. Learn more here.

For paid subscriptions of AIssistify we offer extended free version of 0CodeTools with 500 free actions per month, please contact our support to get your extended free version.