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How to install and use OpenAI/GPT-3 Hubspot Workflow integration

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  1. Sign up for an account at app.aissistify.com (you need an account to get started)
  2. Go to the Integrations page https://app.aissistify.com/integrations
    And click Connect there.
    Choose your HubSpot portal and click Connect App.
    AI Assistify - Permissions
  3. In your Hubspot portal you should see Send to AI Assistant Workflow Action
    Send to AI Assistant Workflow Action
  4. Create a prompt using Object tokens. It is recommended to end the prompt with something like Response: or Reply: this way AI will now that you expect it to start writing a reply and not continuing writing what you just wrote. We soon will provide set of examples that were tested in the workflows.
  5. To get good results add as many details as you can. Think of the AI as an assistant that you’ve just hired that doesn’t know anything about your business. You can test various prompts first at OpenAI Playground: https://platform.openai.com/playground

A video explanation on how to work with Output of the action:


💡 IMPORTANT: Due to OpenAI long processing times (one request may take longer than 10 sec to proceed, please don’t use the app for bulk processing. Please enroll your contacts one by one or use triggers that don’t enroll 1000s of contacts instantly. We are working with OpenAI support to extend our limits for bulk processing.

When you launch your workflow, please choose NO here:

Review before publishing


It is recommended to use it in Workflows that are triggered by form submission, new ticket, new customer activity, new deal, changes in objects etc. or some rare events that don’t happen 10x - 100x per minute.

The result of the action is available as Action Output

Action details

So you can use it in Copy property value action and save as Contact (or any other object) property.

Copy property value-1
If you run a Contact-based workflow, result is also saved to a Timeline Event

Timeline Event

To see it, make sure you select it in Timeline Event Filters:

Timeline Event Filters

Learn how to write prompts for AI and check out the most popular prompt examples:



Please send your feedback or questions to support@resonatehq.com


A Bonus

As a bonus you also get access to our AIssistify tool, check it out at app.aissistify.com

It is great to use it as a smart sidebar that helps with all the small marketing and sales tasks:

AIssistify tool